miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012


“Play of children” is a project of exhibition that emerged some years ago thanks to the happy and unexpected find of an old chest and a doll gnawed by mice in the attic of my country house.
The rest came easily.  With feverish periods of creativity and with some fleeting ups and downs , this unusual and a bit delirious exhibition was growing up.
Chests, boxes, old furniture, dolls, cables, barbs, nuts and screws. These are the creative elements that shape this work, sometimes found by chance among the toys of my nephews and nieces or in the recycling bins of any corner and, some others,  bought  in little neighbourhood shops, chinese bazaars and Swedish department stores.  Sometimes rummaging feverishly through piles of waste and recycled materials and, some others, picking placidly the things that Nature rewarded me while I was strolling. In this way, little by little, this work was taking shape, product of seams,  joints and attachments of materials.
“Play of children” is not a tribute to the psychological terror and the easy blood, neither to the trendy gothic aesthetic of black tears and ridiculous Halloween pumpkins.  This work has treated to delve into the topics of the “innate” cruelty of children and the most grotesque aspects of the horror, shrouded in dark and sometimes decadent atmosphere,  but very pop, kitsch and surreal as well, with evil concessions for a language that, apparently, may seems raw, ambiguous and a bit cruel, but with a rather caustic and ironic undertone.
There have been used the very recurrent and almost classic motives of the evil children and the diabolical toys, trying to suggest a different message, exaggerating to the most baroque paroxysme these cliché of the terror, with the intention of minimize partly its tragic content and form a sarcastic parody of the horror.
“play of children” is exactly this, a play. An entertainment and a delight for those who enjoy the dark and romantic aesthetic.
A macabre, ironic and corrosive joke of these topics of the horror that, nowadays, almost frighten anybody.

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